A portfolio of services in constant evolution and adapted to the needs of every project

We develop each project according to the needs of our customers. However, many organizations have very similar challenges and goals. For this reason, at AGTIC we have created five lines of work to guide entities in the process of digital transformation.

Electronic administration

All public organizations should have an electronic administration implementation plan for legal compliance, considering aspects such as electronic file and record management, telematic relationship, system integration and data management and interoperability, and task automatization. AGTIC Consulting helps you define an action plan to implement electronic administration with continuous advice, and we offer you an audit service to verify that all the services of your organization comply with current regulations.
Definition of a roadmap
To help you in the process of digital transformation, we carry out a diagnosis of the current situation of your organization, defining the strategic digitalization goals and planning a roadmap in which we identify all the necessary actions to be carried out in the regulatory, organizational, technological and document management scopes, as well as the relationship with citizens and customers.
Retainer counseling
We guide and accompany you constantly in the digital transformation. We have a team of experts with extensive experience who will advise you continuously throughout the change process. More than 140 satisfied customers endorse us.
Project management office
If you need a more intense continuous advice, we integrate in your organization through a Project Management Office to coordinate the process of digital transformation and accompany you in the execution of some of the actions foreseen in the roadmap, such as the elaboration of regulations and policies, the deployment of Electronic Document Management Models and the definition of change management plans or training programs.
Transparency audit
We are aware of the importance that transparency has acquired in public administrations in recent years. Therefore, at AGTIC Consulting we have developed our own methodology to verify that the information published on the Internet and the quality of the ancillary services offered to citizens comply with the transparency laws in force.
Electronic invoice audit
The regulations on electronic invoicing require the Finance Controller to audit its accounting record of electronic invoices to ensure legal compliance and the proper performance of the system. AGTIC Consulting has collaborated with several local administrations in the design of an audit scheme that complies with this obligation and detects opportunities for improvement in finance management.
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Electronic document with legal validity

Electronic documents have a growing presence in the management of any organization. That is the reason why it is essential that these are fully valid for all purposes and that their accessibility is ensured in the short and long term. At AGTIC Consulting we offer you the guidance of a team of experts that will help you define the Electronic Document Management Model adapted to the needs of your organization and will support you in the coordination, the impulse, and the audit of the necessary actions.
Electronic document management policy, model and tools
Having a strategy that ensures the correct and effective management of documents is key for any organization. We help you develop a reference framework for document, adapted to your needs and your resources, consisting of an Electronic Document Management Policy, an Electronic Document Management Model and the corresponding archival instruments based on the main international standards such as ISO 15489 or ISO 30300. We support you in the definition of strategic lines and the deployment of policies and technical instructions so that your organization can carry out a proper electronic documents management.
Identification and electronic signature policy
Electronic certificates, biometric signatures, login credentials, one-time passwords... With the implementation of the electronic document, it is essential to manage its authenticity. At AGTIC Consulting we help you develop your Identification and Electronic Signature Policy governing the use of those electronic signature technologies with legal validity that best suit your organization.
Master plan
In a project for the implementation of electronic records and files, it is essential to plan the actions to be carried out for its correct deployment. We help you develop a Master Plan through a roadmap that allows you to achieve your goals efficiently with guarantees. In this way, from the moment the project starts, you will already know which path you will have to follow, what resources it will require, how long it will take to develop and, above all, what its economic cost will be.
Retainer counseling
We know that implementing an electronic document management system is a complex process. That is why we offer you continuous support to solve all your doubts, supervise the implementation tasks and advise you on the best alternatives and solutions for your organization. We offer you a Project Management Office to lead the project or a more punctual advice model. You choose the modality that best suits the needs of your organization.
Audit of electronic document management systems
The implementation of an electronic document management system is a progressive process that must be constantly reviewed. To ensure its effectiveness, compliance, and continuous improvement, we have developed our own audit methodologies that we have applied to various public administrations. We'll study your case carefully and assess which compliance framework is best suited to audit your organization's system.
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Process Reengineering

Any digital transformation involves the modification of the business processes. At AGTIC Consulting we offer you specialized services for the modelling and reengineering of your processes to achieve their improvement and simplification based on telematic means, electronic documents and the task automatization.
Process modelling, improvement and simplification
We help you define your own guidelines for process analysis, review and reengineering, according to the particularities of your organization and its information systems. We use process reengineering techniques to achieve their improvement, simplification, and automation, focusing on the requirements of each procedure and applying a management model based on the electronic document and telematic relationships.
Catalogue of services and procedures
A Catalogue of Services and Procedures is essential for your customers or users to know what is offered to them and how. Therefore, at AGTIC Consulting we help you define and elaborate your own Catalogue from a polyhedral viewpoint that allows you to group, in a single element, all the information of the procedure and that, in addition, serves both external users and the internal staff. This Catalogue will also allow you to configure the information systems used for the processing of services and comply with standardization requirements, such as the SIA Catalogue for the Spanish Public Administration.
Project management office
The improvement and simplification of procedures based on electronic documents becomes a progressive process to achieve their optimization in accordance with the applicable regulations and the availability of resources at any time. AGTIC Consulting offers a Project Management Office service to be able to offer you an intensive service of reengineering your processes and their implementation on the information systems of your organization.
Mystery citizen for electronic services
AGTIC Consulting offers you a service focused on the continuous improvement of electronic procedures, focusing on users and their expectations. How? We simulate being real users of a service to identify dysfunctions in its provision from a technical, legal, and organizational perspective. In this way, we can identify all the shortcomings and suggest improvements.
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Information Security and Privacy

At AGTIC Consulting we support you to ensure the security of your information and its privacy. With this goal in mind, we help you secure and validate privacy and information security regulations to ensure the highest level of security of your organization's telematic means.
External Management of Reporting Channels
Since 2023, medium and large organizations, public or private, are required to establish reporting channel for receiving anonymous information on breaches. Following up on these reports, classifying them, determining their credibility, and taking the appropriate corrective and preventive measures, requires multidisciplinary knowledge, which involves not only legal aspects, but also technological, organizational and privacy aspects. AGTIC Consulting has developed its own methodology to handle breach reports appropriately and with the outmost privacy guarantee, and offers a team of consultants specialized in this issues.
Adequacy and audit of privacy regulations
We are privacy specialists. Therefore, we offer you services for adaptation and audit of the privacy regulations of your organization so that you have detailed action plans in this area and the rest of the elements necessary for compliance.
Data protection officer
At AGTIC Consulting we offer you the service regarding the figure of the Data Protection Officer to execute the functions that the regulations attribute to it, such as informing and advising the users who carry out the processing of data, supervising compliance with the legislation on the matter or cooperating with the corresponding Data Protection Agency. We also take care of promoting the necessary compliance tasks, such as the elaboration of informative clauses or the elaboration of risk analysis and impact assessments on the processing of personal data (DPIA) of your organization.
Adequacy and audit of information security
We are experts in the Spanish National Security Scheme (ENS) and the ISO 27001 standard. We help you define an information security adequacy plan and offer you an audit service to review compliance and develop an action plan to resolve possible deficiencies.
Electronic voting audit
We have developed a specific audit methodology for electronic voting that covers the verification of regulatory, procedural, and technological aspects, identifying and evaluating the risks and advising the Electoral Board and the promoting bodies in order to offer maximum security and reliability to all participants.
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Complementary services

We offer you a set of services to help you manage your digital transformation projects common to all technical aspects, such as the contracting of services or communication and training.
Public procurement specifications
We advise you in the drafting of the technical documentation necessary for the public procurement of products and services, guaranteeing compliance with European Directives and local laws on public procurement, profiting of the tools it provides to ensure the selection of the best supplier. We know the market of solutions for digital transformation, and we help you define the one that best suits your organization.
Internal communication and change management
Addressing the human aspect of digital transformation is essential to ensure the success of a change project. At AGTIC Consulting we help you plan an internal communication and change management strategy that involves people so that they feel reflected in the work plan.
Specialized training
Digital transformation involves training staff so that they can apply changes with security and confidence, and this is not an easy task. To do this, we offer you the services of our team, which has trainers with extensive teaching experience who will design a customized training plan, applying methodologies focused on the participation of students and the internalization and use of knowledge.
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